Cambodian Ire Hurts Thai Interests

Cambodian Ire Hurts Thai Interests - New York Times, April 19, 2003
..."Everyone knows Thai people look down on Khmers," said Khem Ratanak, a 15-year-old high school student in Phnom Penh, adding that he will no longer buy Thai toothpaste or combs. "So why should I buy anything from Thailand?" Young people on the streets sneer at the mention of Thailand. Cambodian tourist guides now like to punctuate their encyclopedic verse with thinly veiled attacks on Thai culture and morality. Join any historical tour in Cambodia and you are likely to hear anti-Thai sentiments. "Underneath this temple, there was once a lot of gold, but now it is gone," said Kong Chanthorn, an Angkor Wat tourist guide in Siem Reap, pointing to the base of the temple during a tour last week. "Now the gold is gone. Where did it go? Nobody knows. It's probably in Thailand."
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