Thai youths spurn wine, women and song

Thai youths spurn wine, women and song - MCOT, April 27, 2003
Young Thai men emerged from a poll published yesterday as being a staid and sober bunch, spurning drugs, alcohol, gambling and the traditional Thai male pastime of ‘visiting girls’.
The Suan Dusit poll of 1,566 Thai men aged between 15 and 20 in Bangkok and the surrounding provinces found that the vast majority of those surveyed felt that cigarettes, alcohol, gambling, drugs and visiting prostitutes were bad.
The practice of visiting prostitutes topped the list of vices in terms of its perceived negative consequences, with 53.31 percent of respondents said that it put young men and their families at risk of AIDS.
Gambling was blamed for creating debts, while drugs were accused of destroying lives and the future of young people, and cigarettes were blamed for damaging health.
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