Crackdown on pirated CDs, VCDs and DVDs begins

Crackdown on pirated CDs, VCDs and DVDs begins - Bangkok Post, May 2, 2003
...However, only one shop attendant was arrested. Most other owners of shops selling fake goods, aware of the highly publicised starting date of the crackdown, apparently chose to stay closed. Generally, only shops selling legitimate products were open yesterday... "The police are inspecting. We have to cease selling pirated music CDs and movie DVDs for a while," said a male shop attendant at Fortune Plaza who spoke on condition of anonymity.
[There are a couple large cartels that produce pirated material for all the shops and as long as authorities target the shops only, nothing will change in the long run. For a couple weeks now, shops have been delivering discs directly to a customer's home to avoid legal problems.]
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