The taxi fare increase

The taxi fare increase - translated and summarized from SiamRath, April 24, 2003
Whether the increase is final, we have not been able to determine (many are skeptical). In any event, Siamrath reported that the cabinet approved a plan to raise Bangkok taxi meter fees.
1) Initial fee (first 2 km) - from 35 baht to 50 baht
2) The next kilometers - from 4.50 baht/km (the 3th-12th km), 5 baht/km (the 13th-20th km) and 5.50 baht/km (the 21th km and beyond) to 12 baht/km
3) Traffic jam fee (at speeds less than 6 km/hr) - from 1.25 baht/minute to 3 baht/minute
4) Calling charge (in case of calling for a cab by telephone) from 20 baht to 50 baht
5) Airport fee from 50 baht to 100 baht
Taxis can remain in use for 12 years (raised from the present 7 years).

The reasons behind the skyrocket price are that taxi fees have been frozen for 10 years and fuel prices (especially the NGV gas for taxis) have risen. Normally, one NGV tank carries 40 kg of NGV gas to run for 12 hours. NGV has replaced LPG gas since NGV is safer than LPG. Another reason given is that the expressway charge will be raised by 5 baht in coming years (even though the passengers are the ones who have to pay the expressway charges).
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