Robot Government

Robot Government - January 2, 2002
You might be interested in this offsite link to the Thai version of Spitting Image called Robot Government. If you're not in Bangkok, you can wait for the half-meg intro that shows the characters in action (a new character enters as you pass the cursor over each link at the bottom--run your cursor across all the links and all the characters crowd the screen). The site's all in Thai, but you can still get an idea of what it is about.
If you're in Thailand, the show is broadcast seven days a week at 8:05pm on ITV. On weekends the puppets do their stick from the beach. The Thai word, hun, can apply to robots and puppets, so that's apparently how they got the name of the show. The laughs on the show come mostly from wordplay--the gentle Thai love of misusing words humorously.
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