Remembering Sun Estate’s Mor Chit development

Pas Seangsong of Bangkok Highrises wrote: I photocopied this from an old Bangkok Post newspaper. It shows a transport official with a model of the Mor Chit Terminal complex (remember the one proposed by Sun Estate?). I read in the Bangkok Post recently the cabinet is looking at ways to revive the project. Do you have any update on this? But whoa.. the building itself looks impressive and massive!!
The complex (if it ever gets built) would be the world's biggest mass transit centre covering a million square metres (just imagine, each WTC tower was 406,000 sqm - 4.37 million sq.feet; the WTC complex is about 1.1 million sq m according to Guinness). Sun Complex would bring nearly a million passengers to Mor Chit daily (from buses, skytrain, subway.. etc.).
Right now, the site is a vacant lot often filled with water. The subway (with its tunnel over to the Skytrain station) should bring even more people to the area.
Thawatchai Wongrach found this informative link to the English-language website of Bangkok Terminal. - The name of Sun Estate Co., Ltd. was changed to Bangkok Terminal Co., Ltd. on January 29, 1998 in order to reflect the project we are developing which emphasizes more on transport infrastructure than on real estate development. - Indeed, the "shopping center" component of the project is hardly mentioned.
Revival of Mor Chit development sought - Bangkok Post, June 20, 2005
...Chaiyos Sasomsap, a deputy minister, said the cabinet would be asked to consider whether to call new bids or allow Bangkok Terminal, formerly known as Sun Estate, to proceed under the old contract...
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