Europe has been talking about the 10 baht/2 Euro problem for some time

The "10 baht Euro" has been previously reported in various places:

In the German magazine Der Spiegel: Thai-Munzen uberlisten Automaten (forgive the missing umlauts), November 26, 2001

From Euro Trash (an anti-EU site) - December 11, 2001
This site is getting some hits from people searching for variations on "baht euro vending," indicating that there is some interest in the story about spoofing euro vending machines with a Thai 10-baht coin.

Another offering from Euro Trash - Coins from Thailand outsmart European vending machines - December 12, 2001
Instead of 2-Euro coins, vending and other machines will also accept 10-baht coins which are worth 0.25 Euro each, Der Spiegel reports. That's a huge problem because over two million Europeans visit Thailand each year. The 10-baht coin has nearly the same size, weight and alloy as the 2-Euro coin, so the machines won't recognize the difference. If the machines are adjusted to be too sensitive, a lot of 2-Euro coins won't be accepted.

From Irish Newspapers, Going Dutch with a Thai 10 baht coin, December, 2001
A DUTCH vending machine federation said yesterday the country's vending machines could distinguish the two euro coin from other coins, after reports that the piece could be substituted by a Thai 10 baht coin.... Asked if other eurozone countries faced the same problem with vending machines, Kobus said: "It goes without saying that in other European countries the vending machines have to be very accurate."

Euro-look-alike Thai coin getting snapped up for misuse in Europe - January 26, 2002
Staff at currency exchange booths at Bangkok's international airport said Saturday that the sudden upsurge of demand for the 10-baht coin started about three weeks ago.
``Dozens of tourists, mostly Westerners, specifically asked for 10-baht coins. Some of them wanted as many as 50 coins,'' said Anucha Krut-hern, staffing the Thai Military Bank booth at the airport's departure terminal.

Pressure put on Thailand to withdraw 10-baht coin? - January 25, 2002
Apparently there's been pressure on the Thais to withdraw the 10-baht coin as Thai Treasury officials said in a letter: "Why should we have to withdraw our coin, as they were minted and circulated long before the euro?"...
The treasury officials said the first signs of trouble regarding the two coins cropped up last November when a Dutch report found that the Thai currency could be used in vending machines in the Netherlands...
The (Thai Treasury) department said the EU was well aware of the existence of the 10-baht coin, because several officials who were later appointed to help design the euro currency attended a Southeast Asian Mints meeting in Manila in 1989.

"Thai Euro" - 10 baht coins work in Euro vending machines - January 25, 2002
This is no hoax. We've got a 10 baht and 2 Euro coin here and they're practically identical. Suddenly European travel is more economical for Thais.
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