Does Thailand have any “indigenous” magic traditions?

Does Thailand have any "indigenous" magic traditions? - January 20, 2002
Penn & Teller's Magic and Mystery Tour is a series of three fascinating and engaging documentaries on street magic in Egypt, India, and China. The one on China aired on January 19. The others will appear on upcoming Saturdays at 04:00 and 15:00 on UBC X-Zyte (Channel 37). "Part documentary. Part road movie. Part magic show. Entirely bizarre and unforgettable."
In China we get to go along with Penn and Teller to a remote village where every family performs magic and to a state-run magic amusement park that is totally deserted except for the performers. At the end of each day back in their hotel rooms, Penn muses about the experiences in such a conversational and genuine way it is almost like being there with them. CBC has some info on the shows including a separate page on the China, India, and Egypt episodes. Another good article on the show is here. This got us thinking. Does Thailand have any "indigenous" magic traditions?
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