Countdown clocks in Bangkok

You heard it here first - January 21, 2002
The Bangkok Post finally had an article on the countdown clocks. It includes the following: The city has installed two such clocks--at the Ratchadamnoen-Nakhon Sawan crossing and the Lan Luang-Ratchadamnoen crossing. They were a gift from a China-based company to Bangkok Governor Samak Sundaravej...
Mr Samak said he was delighted by the public reaction and would seek about 90 million baht from the city budget to install the clocks at 500 intersections over the next two years.
He plans to call public tenders. The company which donated the test equipment would not automatically get the contract, he said. The donor's name, however, remains a secret.

We first mentioned the clocks on January 12, 2002:

Countdown clocks in Bangkok - January 12, 2002
Last November, 2001, Bangkok started installing "countdown clocks" at traffic lights. This kind of system is used in many big cities in China (such as Changchun). These timers count down the seconds a driver has to wait before the light changes. The first countdown clock we saw was where Lan Luang Road connects with Ratchadamnoen Klang Road. However, sometimes during rush hour, it appears the stoplights are being switched manually and the clocks tick merrily away without regard to the lights.
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