Trink stands firm: HIV does not cause AIDS

Trink stands firm: HIV does not cause AIDS - February 1, 2002
Elderly Bangkok crank Bernard Trink once again says in his column that HIV is not the cause of AIDS. How can a major newspaper like Bangkok Post be content to broadcast such drivel week after week?
Here's what was said: Q: I have a book by Johns Hopkins University with very different statistics from those released by CDC (Centres for Disease Control), Atlanta. Kindly stop green-lighting people to have unsafe sex. B.T.: As you can see, there is genuine disagreement between reputable scientists and doctors about whether sex is likely or unlikely to bring on HIV/Aids. Think of the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on research over the last two decades, yet that question remains unresolved. I say HIV-Aids is a false premise and studies begin at square one, with that not the premise. Makes good sense.
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