How much things cost

How much things cost - February 10, 2002
Rice barges: Now most rice barges have been sold to hotels and restaurants to be transformed into floating dining rooms.... Since 1973, trucks have overtaken barges as the main way to get rice from the mills to Bangkok. Most barges sold to hotels and restaurants recently have brought between Bt250,000 and Bt300,000 to their owners. (from "Mighty river, changing ways," The Nation, February 10, 2002)
Illegal software profits: ``We can sell up to 60,000-70,000 baht worth of goods during weekends...." He said he usually made profits of almost 80% selling pirated CDs. But his profits would halve if he sold legal CDs.... Another employee at an illegal CD shop on the second floor said her boss telephoned her to close the shop yesterday after he found out police would raid the shopping mall....``Employees at most CD shops normally get notice from their bosses and some police before plainclothes policemen arrive for an inspection. That's why they usually leave Pantip Plaza empty-handed,'' she said....Nattaphol Tangsuksant, 18, said he chose to buy pirated CDs at between 100-150 baht because it was much cheaper than legal ones of the same quality....``As long as the price of CDs and software remains almost ten times more expensive, people will always come to Pantip and buy pirated CDs.'' (from "Pirates unfazed by police crackdown," Bangkok Post, February 10, 2002)
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