Do you know the way to Bangkok beach?

Do you know the way to Bangkok beach? - February 2, 2002
Although the signs say "beach" (in Thai), there is no beach, but you can take a boat ride out through the canals to the sea for 60 baht per person. Go to the Dao Kahnong side of the Chao Phraya River to Rama II Road. Go south (or left) on Bang Khun Thian Road. Turn left on the last left-hand turn before the end of the road. After a couple of kilometers, turn right into the grounds of a wat just before a steep bridge. From there you can take the hour and a half round-trip to the sea. And be sure to eat at one of the seafood restaurants along Bang Khun Thian Road. We recommend Krua Sawang Seafood (tel. 0-2849-3191). On the way back, take the newly completed (and virtually deserted) ring road (Road 9) from Bang Khun Thian Road to Suk Sawat Road and then over Rama IX Bridge and back into Bangkok.
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