Welcome to the smoggy future

Welcome to the smoggy future - February 15, 2002
A colleague mentioned that the late afternoon sun looked like the moon. The sun was still high in the sky, but it was very dim outside. Once again, smog envelops the city.
The canal between Sathorn Road is choked with garbage--not mysterious pollution from some unseen factory far away, but actual, identifiable bags of trash someone had thrown in. Overhead there is an incredible roar, like someone continually exhaling, from the traffic stopped on Taksin Bridge. The streetlights change every 7 1/2 minutes. The police and various pedestrians wear face masks.
I remember when I was a kid hearing about some dismal future when the sky was dark during the day and people would have to wear masks because of pollution. Bangkok is still a fun place to live and I love it, but I think in some ways, this is the future we were warned about... -Ron Morris
BTW: Thai auto sales soar 45 percent in January
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