More on the Bangkok eccentric

More on the Bangkok eccentric - 08:05, March 17, 2002
The Post has more about the woman who filled her house with trash.
However, when the bubble burst in 1997, she lost 1 million baht. Her husband later left her while she was two months' pregnant and her first child was only two years' old.... The authorities were shocked to find a mountain of rubbish, infested with rats and cockroaches, piled up to the ceiling.... Dr Udom Petchsangharn, a psychiatrist and director of Rachanukul hospital, said it was possible Mrs Pathira was suffering from schizophrenia, adding her condition and habits were similar to those of individuals who had suffered a great loss. She was attempting to replace whatever she has lost with garbage, he said, which she believes to be of great value to her life. (from "'Garbage lady' reliant on refuse", March 17, 2002)
ITV has also been reporting on this.
A Bangkok eccentric - 10:14, March 16, 2002
The Bangkok Post has an interesting article on a mania that is well-known in the West: someone compulsively fills their dwelling with "collected" garbage: ...The woman has been collecting tonnes of all types of garbage covering virtually every square inch of her home, a two-storey shophouse, in Soi Prachasongkroh 24, Din Daeng district, they said. The rotten smell from her collection has been a real torment for the entire neighbourhood for years, they said. The house of stink belongs to Pathira Juthasuwansiri, a 47-year-old widow living with her elder sister and two children. The neighbours said Ms Pathira started her garbage collection elsewhere before moving it into her present home in 1995 after losing most of her assets in the stock market.... Her two children, a girl and a boy, were sometimes seen climbing over the hills of garbage in their home to get to the upper floor..... The authorities are now trying to clean out the house. (from "Neighbours in uproar over woman's refuse collection", March 16, 2002)
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