boards down boards down - 08:43, March 17, 2002
The most popular Thai webboard,, known as the most wide-open forum for expressing one's opinion in Thai, had extended downtime over the weekend and rumors started to fly that Big Brother was at it again ('Public Sphere: Even Web Broads may not be so safe', The Nation, March 17, 2002). According to the article, webmaster Wanchat Pantip (his real name?) issued the following statement, "I confirm that the downtime: 1. Did not occur due to government interference or any attempt to limit the rights of expression; 2. or to interference by the opposition and any attempt to discredit the government..."
More - 07:25 March 20, 2002
Wanchat P. writes with further clarification of what happened: When our system went down, I also worried about media interference, because the situation is so hot right now and the opinions people post on our website are not censored or compromised in any way. However, we found that it was only a hardware failure on our server. Unfortunately, it happened on Friday midnight so we couldn't get technical help right away. It was just a bad thing happening at the worst time.
More - 08:32, March 23, 2002
The Nation has an editorial about the fear of censorship of webboards:
Shortly before the last general elections, accusations began pouring in about "hired writers". These writers, the frequenters of claim, are employed by certain people to influence the opinions on the board.
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