Some weekend links

Some weekend links - 08:12, March 23, 2002
How much things cost: Ananova reports that Thailand will pay 2 million pounds a year for 10 years for a pair of pandas. Considering the the incredible amount of tourism pandas generate, it is probably well worth it.
From MCOT: Govt to open technical entertainment centre for youths ends with the following: Student and youths would enjoy learning useful on-line knowledge, which is screened and controlled by authorities concerned, instead of spending their times on things or in places where are not suitable or useful for them, said Suwat.
Like reading the Economist?
From the fascinating Museum of Hoaxes: A Thai hoax featuring a "monk" who congers up tall, skinny spirits
Being Thai: Here's a short article on a woman who had her win on the Thai-version of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" invalidated because of a technical glitch. Anywhere else the lawyers would be called in, but the gentle Thai says: "They told me to play it again. I didn't mind, since I didn't want them to get in trouble..."
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