True white elephants

True white elephants - 08:12, March 23, 2002
A small blurb about white elephants from the April 2002 Fortean Times:

The world's second true white elephant--an eight-year-old bull--was caught in Rakhine state, western Burma, last October; the other one, which lives in Laos, is poorly. Thailand claims to have 12 (one of which lives in the king's palace), but do not have the pearl eyes, white hoofs and white hair of the true--and highly-prized--albino.... The New Light, the organ of the military junta, promptly declared, in a full-page report, that it augured well for Burma's prosperity. [AP, AFP] 9 Nov 2001.

Also David Shurville's cloud that looks like a white elephant over a chedi in Chiang Mai.