Official denies dogs tranquilized for Thaksin visit

Official denies dogs tranquilized for Thaksin visit - 06:52, April 1, 2002
The chief Narathiwat livestock officer yesterday denied that dogs at a temple here were shot with tranquilliser darts because of a visit by Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra and his Cabinet.... He claimed that dogs needed to be to tranquillised before they were given rabies shots because they were difficult to catch. He said that there were about 80 dogs at the temple.... Meanwhile, Padung Limcharoenrat, the prime minister's personal secretary, yesterday expressed his dissatisfaction to a local livestock officer over the incident. Padung was heard complaining about what he called an "imprudent decision" by the local livestock officers to carry out the operation just ahead of the premier's trip. (ANIMAL WELFARE: Temple dogs not drugged for PM, The Nation, April 1, 2002)

Dogs tranquilized for Thaksin visit - 13:55, March 31, 2002
Scores of dogs were shot with tranquilizer darts as part of a tight security clampdown for Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra's visit to a Buddhist temple in southern Thailand... "We are afraid that the dogs here will be frightened by the crowd and attack the prime minister," the paper quoted an officer of the Livestock Department as saying. The unconscious dogs were laid out at the back of the temple on Saturday while others were seen staggering around the vicinity of the temple struggling to stay awake, oblivious to the visiting dignitaries
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