Bangkok Anniversaries of the Past

Bangkok's 100 anniversary: King Rama V built the Grand Palace (also called the Chakri Palace).
Bangkok's 150 anniversary: King Rama VII had Pra Buddhayodfa Bridge built across the Chao Phraya River with a monument to King Rama I on the Bangkok side. The monument was designed by Silpa Bhirasri and the rest of the structure by Prince Narisaranuvattiwongs. On April 6, 1932 King Prajadhipok officially opened the bridge. The King was carried across the bridge on a royal chair carried by government officials, and traveled back to Bangkok in a procession of royal barges.
Bangkok's 200 anniversary: Citizens donated money for a complete restoration of Wat Pra Kaew (Temple of the Emerald) area. [BTW: Plenty of before and after photos of the restoration work are on display at the small museum adjacent to the Grand Palace. We have noticed many tourists skip this building (which seems underwhelming after the splendors of the Wat and the Grand Palace), but it is amazing to see the truly dilapidated state the temple was in just over 20 years ago.]
Also, for Bangkok's 200 anniversary the private sector organized an International Trade Fair at the Indoor Stadium at Hua-Mark from April 4-May 4, 1982. [BTW: The first expressway opened in Bangkok earlier that year on January 4, 1982.]
Source: Rattanakosin Bicentennial, Kurusapha Business Organization, 1982
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