Three bits of weird Thai news

Three bits of weird Thai news - 07:47, April 29, 2002
1. Black magic for beginners - a school for sorcerers - from
2. Notice the use of the word "alleged" - The premiere of Thailand's version of "The Weakest Link" TV show was deeply controversial because the show's trademark brutality and selfishness so much contravened the country's alleged sensitivity and generosity. (from Chuck Shepherd's News of the Weird)
3. There's also a full-page photo of the Bin Laden sculpture at Klang Kaew temple in the May, 2002 Fortean Times (here's the photo at Ananova). Temples that install sculptures like this are often regarded with embarrassment by Thais, who see it as a heretical, money-grubbing, publicity seeking enterprise. The foreign press loves it though and makes no mention that such practices are viewed by locals as bizarre. See BBC's Beckham meets Buddha.
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