Politics in the Age of Thaksin

The 'Latin Americanisation' of the Thai economy - The Nation, May 20, 2002

Radio DJ threatens to sue PM over long speeches - Ananova
Every radio station in Thailand has had to air Thaksin Shinawatra's 15-minute lectures since he came to power last year.

Political attacks define the true limits of Thaksin's revolution - Taipei Times
This is a very interesting editorial on how Thaksin came to power and what it all means: ...The Democrat Party, which headed the previous government, claimed that it offered similar reforms and cannot understand why the voters rejected them. The answer is simple. The Democrats asked people to sit quietly and trust the bureaucrats and politicians to look after their interests. Demands and protests--the Democrats huffed--will get you nowhere. That old bureaucratic paternalism, Thaksin knew, was ripe for overthrow...

In praise of Purachai - The Straits Times, May 13, 2002
Mr Purachai's efforts have put him high on public polls and he has received support from the much-revered constitutional monarch, King Bhumibol Adulyadej. But, says Mr Thongbai: '...nobody in the government is on his side.'
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