Do Thais and Burmese really hate each other?

Do Thais and Burmese really hate each other? - The Irrawaddy, July 13, 2002
"It is not true that Thais and Burmese have been enemies for hundreds of years," says Dr Charnvit Kasetsiri, Chairperson of the Southeast Asian Studies Program at Thammasat University in Bangkok. "Those were wars between kingdoms and kings, not about a war between Burmese and Thais..."

The Burmese historian who writes Thai-bashing articles - The Irrawaddy, June 28, 2002
According to sources close to the controversial writer, her anti-Thai attacks in the state-run press last year provoked a slew of abusive phone calls from Burmese readers, forcing her to change her telephone number. Many writers said that Ma Tin Win’s articles and opinions do not represent Burma and its people. "She has been shunned," one writer said.
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8 Responses to Do Thais and Burmese really hate each other?

  1. Rai Hanar says:

    I believe that most of thai people hate burmese. They look down also burmese.

  2. Burmese girl says:

    Yes,most of Thais really look down on Burmese people.I am Burmese people and studying in Thailand. when I say to them that I am Burmese,their faces changed and say ” I thought you are not burmese coz you are with Thai uniform and I don’t think Burmese can study overseas”.But Burmese don’t really hate thai and Thai don’t really hate Burmese too but they just look down on us

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am sure that there once hat each each other since around 200 to 500 ago there once a war with Thai and burmese. That got many lost. Well I don’t hate Burmese as well..

  4. Anonymous says:

    The Burmese kingdoms of Toungoo and later the Konbaung dynasty has inflicted crippling defeats upon the Siamese kingdom of Ayutthaya, once in the 1560’s and again in year 1767. I guess the Siamese never got over their defeats and destruction of their kingdom, we’re sorry?

  5. mm says:

    Burmese workers are actually far more welcome in this particular neighborhood, than say workers from the NE. I can’t comment on whether they earn less. Most probably they do. More’s the pity. But that’s why they are here in such big numbers.
    The perception here is that they work hard, lead sensible lives that allow remittances to their families, pay their bills, try to get on with the locals and do not engage in endless bouts of noisy overnight sessions of drunken carousing, fighting, wife-beating and threatening locals. I live next door to these idiots.
    In fairness, the Isaan have actually improved somewhat since it became very clear to them how much they were hated and feared locally. The main lever was actually that the Burmese are fully employed, while they are hanging around all day with no work figuring how how to pay their numerous debts for the frivolous luxuries they WILL engage in at the drop of a hat.

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