Survey of Thai editorials after 911: Why can’t we all just be neutral?

Survey of Thai editorials after 911 last year: Why can't we all just be neutral? -The Nation, September 11, 2002
The Nation has an excellent survey of the tone of editorials in the Thai press after 911 last year. This is what the English-language Thai press rarely does--give English readers an idea of what the vast majority of Thai readers are reading about.

How about this from Manager: "The lice that crawls in America's hair are its vileness, wickedness, cruelties, shamelessness, hypocrisy, exploitation and destruction of weaker people. Like millions of people in the Middle East and Latin America, Osama bin Laden knows well these lice. And when his time comes to pick at them, America becomes incensed and tries persuade others to sacrifice their lives in its lice's defence."
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