Bangkok in National Geographic

Bangkok in National Geographic - October 19, 2002
Recently, in article after article, National Geographic has been pushing the idea that the Earth is overpopulated, we've trashed the environment, and we're doomed. The latest in this cavalcade is an article called "Cities" in the November 2002 issue. It profiles four third-world mega-cities: Sao Paulo, Bangkok, Lagos, and Hyderabad. None of the pieces is too flattering. The first-person narrative about Bangkok touches on our "famous... AIDS epidemic," the terrible pollution and traffic, an interview with a tuk-tuk driver, and a long profile of a bar girl's depressing life--The girls are waiting for them, ready to haul in their drift nets. Also: In the same issue is a funny ad from HSBC. It shows three identical photos of a locust. Under the first one it says "Australia - Pest", under the next "China - Pet" and under the third, "Northern Thailand - Appetizer."
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