Suan Oi: Open Affection Between Thai Students

Suan Oi is an area downtown where many students from Rajabhat Institute live. It's both a case study of how youth culture can quickly transform an area as well as an example of how Thais often view the activities of young people. Interesting is the part about some "good girls" shocked by open displays of affection: In the area, young couples were often seen openly caressing and kissing. Pui and Orn said this was totally unacceptable.
The red light area is also known as a place where female students who want to earn extra money through prostitution can pick up customers. Those who are ready for business will turn their institute brooches on their shirt upside down and smoke cigarettes to signal their availability. Some put their cigarette pack on the table with one or two cigarettes sticking out to signify the rate of their sexual services. One cigarette means Bt1,000; two, Bt2,000. Pui said she was shocked and frightened by the new environment as she became aware of it.
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