For Dogged Devotion to Etiquette, a Kingly Tribute

For Dogged Devotion to Etiquette, a Kingly Tribute - New York Times, December 25, 2002
What foreigners think: The New York Times writes about HM The King's Tongdaeng book. The book also has a sharper edge. It is a parable with clear messages to those who may need to hear them during a time of change and uncertainty in Thai culture and society. Throughout the 84 pages of the book, which is written in the third person in both Thai and English, just the following passage appears in bold-face type. In her abiding respect for another stray who was her wet nurse, Tongdaeng is, the king writes, "different from many others who, after having become an important personality, might treat with contempt someone of lower status who, in fact, should be the subject of gratitude."
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