The lost city of New Amsterdam

The lost city of New Amsterdam - October 22, 2001
Head south on Highway 303 (Suk Sawat Road) to Chedi Samut Prakan. This is where the Bang Pla Kod Canal meets the Chao Phraya River. The bank of the canal was once the location of the Ayutthaya-era settlement of New Amsterdam. There is nothing to see today but a swampy, mangrove-covered area. A placard at the site says the following:
New Amsterdam City was one of the significant historical sites which was situated at Tambon Klong Bang Pla Kod, Phra Samut Chedi district. In Samut Prakan Province in those days a large number of Dutch men came to trade with Thailand. These Dutch men were well-behaved and cordial in conducting their business with Thai people. Some of them provided good service to the government. They were thus bestowed with some land on the western bank of Bang Pla Kod Canal to be used for storage and residences. The place looked so nice that it was known among the Dutch men living there as New Amsterdam or the Holland Buildings.
Later, the mutual relationship began to deteriorate until the end of the Ayutthaya Period and so did the significance of New Amsterdam.
Time also strengthened the decline of the riverbank where the Holland buildings were situated. They were eroded by the tide. That is why no traces of such places can be seen today.
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