Thai Secretary General of the U.N.?

Thai Secretary General of the U.N.? - December 23, 2001
On December 21, 2001, TNA reported on the MCOT site about the search to find an appropriate candidate for U.N. Secretary General. As the tenure of present U.N. Secretrary-General Kofi Annan will end over the next two years, and the next U.N. chief will be the quota of Southeast Asian countries, Thailand and other countries in the region will send candidates to run for the U.N. honourable top post by next year. The candidates will then launch their campaigns in 2003....
PM Thaksin: “We’re looking for a suitable person to bid for the U.N. top post. The selected candidate must be recognized by the Thai society, and should not be a politician. This is because before the candidate will be accepted and recognized by the international community, he/she is to be well recognized by the Thai people and society first”, he pointed out.
During the selection process, the general public will be welcome to express their opinions, he stated.
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