Investing in Thailand? Opt for riskier stocks – here’s why

Investing in Thailand? Opt for riskier stocks - here's why - MoneyWeek, November 1, 2010
...Why? Because in the worst-case scenario--severe conflict bordering on civil war--everything will be hit, from large caps and government bonds downwards. And the overall market is not really paying us for this risk. The SET currently trades on a bit more than 14 times estimated earnings. That's less than much of Asia, but it's not hugely cheap...

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  1. Those with an interest in the topic of Thai investments are invited to peruse my book “Your Investment Guide to Thailand” either online ( or next time they are in a bookshop. There is also background info and some linked papers in my web site at

    Too many expats think that finance/investment is too hard or too boring so don’t make an effort to ramp up their general knowledge about these matters … years later they are the ones bleating in online thai expat forums that you should “never invest more in thailand than you are prepared to walk away from” .. because they made one or more realy bad investment decisions. Don’t become another financial train wreck … do your homework before you pull out your wallet or sign those papers.

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