Whew! What a relief!

From Thai Rath, October 17, 2010
The cartoon headline reads: Whew [the sound of a sigh] Feel relieved! [What a relief!]

Top left: The police feel relief as the Siam Devathirath deity shows evidence of the terrorists!
[This refers to the belief in Siam Deva and comments made by Privy Council President Prem Tinasulanonda. Prem often refers to the sacredness of the deity to offer protection and indicate the destiny of the nation. Here the police are helped in their investigation by the deity.]

Top middle: The tax payers feel relieved as the taxation to heal terrorism is halted!
[After the rally dispersal at Ratchaprasong, the government relied on a policy to spend taxpayer money to help the victims and business losses from arson.]

Top right: The fortuneteller predicts that the Mr. P will be prime minister. Mr. J feels relieved!
The word on the sign reads: Mekong River
[In the past, an astrologer supporting the CNS predicted that Thailand's next Prime Minister will have the first initial "P" and might be in army uniform. This is a kind of psy-ops meant to refer to Gen. Prayuth Chanocha, the newly appointed army commander-in-chief. Another CNS astrologer stated that the next Prime Minister of Thailand might have the initials P, J, CHS, CH, Y. We are not sure of the joke and connection to the Mekong River.]

Bottom left: The police raid the website of those prostituting themselves and feel relieved that there is no list containing names of MPs or academics.

Bottom middle: Bhumjaithai Party feels relieved that the Prime Minister insists there is no thought of getting rid of them! [This refers to the handling of the Bhumjaithai Party by Abhisit and the Democrat Party which constantly threatens to replace the party in the coalition.]

Bottom right: The American media feels relieved that the five cheating leaders do not show up to file charges of libel. [This refers to the Bad Exes article that mentions Thaksin Shinawatra along with other nefarious world leaders.]

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