Thai Premier Abhisit Rules Out Any Thaksin Amnesty

Thai Premier Abhisit Rules Out Any Thaksin Amnesty in Talks on Peace Deal - Bloomberg, October 7, 2010
Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said he is open to any negotiation with the opposition that doesn't include an amnesty for ex-leader Thaksin Shinawatra, whom he blamed for thwarting peace deals earlier this year.
"We can talk elections, we can talk constitutional amendments, we can talk policies, but I don't think any government would allow anyone to say, "Hey, I'm not going to accept the law," Abhisit said in an interview yesterday at Bloomberg's New York headquarters. "If you do that, you're just inviting more trouble in the future..."

Singha 6% to 5%? - October 1, 2010
Don notes: Singha was originally 6% alcohol but quietly dropped to 5% a few years ago. No announcement that I can recall, just done, then one day I noticed it on the label. I have always wondered why they did this. Boon Rawd Brewery's Wikipedia entry says: "Beginning in September 2007, a 5.0% (abv) version of Singha Lager has replaced the 6.0% (abv) original version that has earned the Singha name its reputation. This new version, while still brewed in Thailand by Pathmthani Brewery Co., Ltd., proclaims on its labeling to have been brewed under the supervision of Singha Corporation Co., Ltd. instead of Boon Rawd Brewery Co. Ltd. The last known fill date for Singha Lager 6.0% bottles sold in the United States is October 18, 2007."
An acknowledgement but still no explanation why. If anyone knows, please share the knowledge. That's always bugged me.
Similarly, I'm pretty sure I remember Chang being 8%, but it's recently come to my attention that it's 6.4% now. Did they pull a similar stunt, or am I simply misremembering? I know Singha lowered the content for sure.

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