Blast in Bangnuathong

From Komchadluek, October 7, 2010
The headlines read: 50 Kg. TNT hidden in mansion in Bangbuathong area - Blast! Kills 3 - mistake in producing - bomb maker died torn apart in his room - CD about new Thailand's State is found - explosion at Mansion in Bangnuathong - misproducing [the bomb] - CD of "New Thailand's State" is found - 3 died and 7 injured - owner is revealed to be community radio DJ, alias "Red Nonthaburi" - police release 11 red local fighters [in Chiang Mai]
Maew [Thaksin] promotes "Sanan" as party leader - Bhumjaithai Party on alert to be isolated
Charge of corruption dismissed - send Bout to US - Mark discusses with Russia

From Matichon, October 7, 2010
The headlines read: Foreign media reports the blast at 5 floor high building kills 3 - defiance of the extension of the emergency decree - [the blast took place] a few hours after the Cabinet meeting and order on security to beef up in Bangkok and 3 provinces---Suthep insists the number of [red] fighters of 39 persons - M16-M79 training - claiming his residence was targeted twice

From Khaosod, October 7, 2010
The headlines read: Series of event pictures of the bomb in Bangnuathong page16 / playing museum from the old days for kids, page 24
Film [Ratthapoom Tokongsab] denies the false scene of Film in hospital [refering the celebrity scandal of Film/Annie] - Annie bursts into tears after "Maethee" shows up to give assaulting speech - brother-manager of Film denies lies over Film's overuse of drug-continue reading, page15
Blast attacks mansion of red radio - 4 died - linked to politics
The spot installing "signal pole" [a red shirt radio station] - expecting [the bomb was] TNT, weight of 50 kilos - blast in Bangnuathong - tens injured - National Police Chief rushes for inspection
"Resort" reveals that red local fighters are merely the local workers fighting [referring to the capture of a red shirt training camp in Chiang Mai]

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