From Thai Rath, by Sia, October 13, 2010
The cartoon title reads: They are both plaintiffs
The words on the bomb at left reads: Placing charges for bomb plotting
The man wears a headband that reads: UDD
The words on the bomb at right reads: Placing the charge of terrorism
The man wears a shirt that reads: UDD
The sign at the bottom right reads: Reconciliation requires the release of UDD prisoners

From Manager, October 15, 2010
The man says: Sorry Mr. Director General... without doing this, terrorists will know and we can arrest nobody.
The caption at the bottom right reads: For efficiency of the work of DSI... gotta do this

[This refers to DSI Director General Tharit who has made several gaffes recently by revealing official thinking on combating Red Shirt militants. Along with this he confirmed speculation that a Red Shirt terrorist cell was trained in Cambodia. This sort of comment, coming from such a high-level source, put in jeopardy the government's delicate work in restoring ties with Cambodia.]

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