Thailand’s Bamboo Diplomacy Blows in the Wind

Thailand's Bamboo Diplomacy Blows in the Wind - Asian Correspondent, October 13, 2010

[BTW: This article is written by Pavin Chachavalpongpun, author of the excellent new book, Reinventing Thailand: Thaksin and His Foreign Policy]

...The Bout case also reveals the fact that the usefulness of the bamboo policy may have actually ceased. Certainly, the domestic situation, which has opened up a space for the US to work closely with the aristocrats for the maintenance of Thailand's political status quo, has indeed minimized the degree of diplomatic pragmatism. As a result, the country's foreign policy has become less pragmatic, overlooking the implications of an overall geopolitical reality in which multipolarity has now defined the global system. Thailand needs to bear in mind the consequences of its decision in the Bout case on the country's relations with Russia and certain European countries...

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