Indra’s Net: A New Novel Set in Thailand

Indra's Net: A New Novel Set in Thailand - October 21, 2010
From a press release: ...In the book, young James Carpenter arrives in Bangkok in 1968 at the height of the Vietnam War looking for clues to his own identity. He is destined to discover connections he never anticipated and scarcely comprehends. Found as an infant in the infamous Golden Triangle by a Catholic priest and adopted by an American couple, Carpenter returns to the land of his origins to intern with the man who found him. But that man - the priest - has disappeared. Carpenter's search for the Father leads to encounters that go beyond his expectations, if not his dreams. The search attracts treasure-seekers of many kinds including an AWOL American soldier, an Iraqi jewel merchant and the evil 'Phi Rak' or 'Brother Love'. It ends in a cave complex deep in the Shan hills of Myanmar where the startling truth of Indra's Net is revealed. Indra's Net website

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