The 30% reserve measure

From Manager, October 19, 2010
Nattakorn Devakul is saying: Dad you were former Finance Minister... why don't you go give lessons to the BOT [the Bank of Thailand] on the baht appreciation so you become the person in the headline?
The newspaper reads: Dr. Krong teaches BOT on baht appreciation [Dr. Krong is Dr. Veerapong Ramangkul, former Deputy Prime Minister and former Finance Minister, whose performance during the Thaksin-ruling government was considered outstanding.]
The word on the bag covering the man's face reads: The 30% reserve measure
The caption reads: At ML. Oui's residence

[Nattakorn Devakul is a newspaper columnist and political candidate. "ML. Oui" is his father, Pridiyatorn Devakul, former Deputy PM and Finance Minister under the government of Gen. Surayuth Chulanont. He is well-known among media by name "Mom Oui."
He was one of the "old gingers" of the 2006 coup-era government who were, in turn, bumbling, then reticent in carrying out policy.
Pridiyatorn Devakul promoted the 30% reserve policy measure as well as changes in the Foreign Business Act that led to an unprecedented drop in the Stock Exchange of Thailand and weakening in the baht.]

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