Is the flooding of 2010 the worst in 50 or 70 years?

October 28, 2010 - We have noted the various claims that the present country wide flooding is the worst in 50 or even 70 years.

This may be true by various criteria, but there have also been other floods over the years that were certainly as bad or worse than the current situation.

The page numbers cited below refer to pages in the Chronicle of Thailand.

1942 - The Great Flood of 1942

1966 - Nong Khai "submerged" - About 30 people dead (p. 150)

1970 - 100 killed when 19 provinces hit by heavy rains and flooding (p. 174)

1975 - 166 killed in Surat Thani Nakon Si Thammarat - Flooding from to Chumphon to Yala (p. 203)

1978 - Chiang Mai to Bangkok flooded (p. 224)

1980 - Extensive flooding of Bangkok with many schools closed for over a month (p. 236)

1983 - "Tropical depressions bring nation to a halt" - Flooding in 42 provinces - 49 dead (p. 255)

1988 - 350 people killed and 75 missing in mudslides in Nakhon Si Thammarat and Surat Thani. Half a million in southern provinces affected by floods which wiped out 4.5 million rai of farmland. This led to a nationwide ban on logging. (p. 285)

1995 - Flooding in Nakhon Sawan releases hundreds of crocodiles. Wat Phra Kaeo In Bangkok is flooded. (p. 327)

Also: The Hat Yai flood of 2000 and flooding in Bangkok in October, 2002

October 12, 1942 - Democracy Monument - The "Great Flood of 1942" when key areas of Bangkok were under water for three months.

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