Cartoon from Thai Rath, by Chai Ratchawat, September 12, 2010
The cartoon title: Equipment

Top left: Pointing to the alcohol: The tool to release sufferings
Pointing to the poison and gun: Tool to stop doubts on wife's behavior

Top middle: Pointing to the word "Yaba" [local name for amphetamines in pill form]
Pointing to "Yaba": The tools that help to have rice and home to stay under support of government [Here, "amphetamines" are the tools to enable people to have free food and lodging after they are thrown in jail for using drugs.]

Top right: Pointing to the guns and knives: Tools for techno students [referring to the armed fighting against students of Technology Institutes]

Bottom left: Pointing to the bags of money: Tools to promote the intention to move to a new [political] party

Bottom middle: Pointing to the suit of armor: Tool to be a teacher in the three southern border provinces [referring to the separatist violence against educators there]

Bottom middle: Pointing the gas canister: The tool to wreak chaos in the country [referring to the Red Shirt protests in which canisters were rigged to explode]

Bottom right: Pointing to the mask: The tool to reconcile [meaning that both sides are wearing outwardly pleasant masks to simulate willingness to reconcile]

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