Bangkok’s administration still has a lot to learn about PR

Bangkok's administration still has a lot to learn about PR - eTN, September 28, 2010
...Last September during the TTM, the BMA Tourism Department sent Mr. Kriengpol Padhanarath, a charming old man appointed Deputy Director General of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, who had incredible difficulties understanding and speaking English in front of foreign media. During the ritual meeting with the media, he showed a powerpoint presentation which looked strangely similar to the one they showed a year before: 45 minutes of comments and pictures about what tourists could do in Bangkok. Most of the foreign media were certainly delighted to learn that Bangkok has a Grand Palace, beautiful temples, museums, and restaurants serving excellent Thai food. Strangely, however, the old gentleman did not mention anything about what happened in the last couple of months and what was Bangkok's new message to travelers after the violence from last spring...
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