Study: Bangkok street fruit often contaminated

Study: Bangkok street fruit often contaminated - AP, September 14, 2010
...Results of the study found that 67 percent of 153 samples of fresh fruit contained unsafe amounts of coliform bacteria. Coliform bacteria is common in digestive tracts and does not necessarily cause sickness, but its presence may indicate fecal matter, E. coli and other disease-causing organisms.
The study also found that 40 percent of the fruit tested contained anti-fungal agents like salicylic acid.
"Vendors love this acid for pickled fruits. It keeps the skin from turning dull and keeps fungus from forming," said Kobchai Pattarakulwanit, a coordinator of the study and a microbiology professor at Bangkok's Chulalongkorn University.
Of the pickled fruits tested, 64 percent were tainted with hazardous chemicals, mainly color dyes to keep the guavas extra green and the mango slices bright yellow...

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