Pheu Thai calls for reconciliation… or maybe not

Pheu Thai calls for peace - The Nation, September 3, 2010

PT needs to 'further discuss' its offer of reconciliation - Bangkok Post, September 6, 2010

Pheu Thai announces suspension of reconciliation efforts - The Nation, September 6, 2010

Red Siam disputes reconciliation - Bangkok Post, September 7, 2010
...Pheu Thai would be silly if it accepts these proposals. Acceptance would also mean that the opposition camp accepts that it was wrong and that the allegations it set fire to the country and tried to topple the high institution were true, he said...

Legal advisor claims Thaksin supports reconciliation - The Nation, September 7, 2010

[This is a demonstration of the internal rifts in the party. One side is attempting to adopt a moderate stance to show they would not be a do-nothing People Power Party and thus ensure participation in a future government. Others, such as those under charges for the May rioting, are pushing the party along a harder Thaksin-oriented line. The establishment is well-positioned to benefit from a more moderate party or a hard-line one that would result in further MP defections.]

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