Mutation or returning to the old nationality

From Thai Rath, Cartoon by Zia, September 1, 2010
The headline at the top reads: Mutation or returning to the old nationality
The letters on the back of the man stand for the Pheu Thai Party
The words on the hand holding the bag reads: Bhumjaithai Party
The words on the bag reads; Budget resolving the problems of deficiency
The word on the sign at the left corner reads: The deaths mean nothing [the tiny character represents red activist Sombat Boongamanong]
[This cartoon refers to the MP defections from the Pheu Thai Party. This is caused by financial incentives along with the perception that the military is unlikely to allow a party to come to power that has the goal of returning Thaksin to power. "The deaths mean nothing" refers to the Red Shirt protesters who died in April and May who the cartoonist claims are being done a disservice by defecting MPs.]

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