Film and Annie Crowd Out Bomb News

From Manager, September 30, 2010
Left: The motorcyclist is saying: Our headmaster orders that the next bomb attack target to the house of Film.
Right: The news on our bombing attack is slowing down. We have to keep up with the news about Film and Annie.

[This refers to the paternity controversy of movie stars Annie Brook and "Film" which has dominated the news over near daily bomb attacks in Bangkok at the end of September. The motorcyclists are based on CCTV footage released by authorities of those believed to be behind the attacks.]

From Komchadluek, September 30, 2010
The word fish from left to are labeled: Media, Jae Beab [Rabienrat Pongpanit, Happy Family Association President], Film, Annie

[This refers to the paternity controversy mentioned above and the media frenzy that has accompanied it.]

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