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From Siam Rath, September 29, 2010

Top left: A policeman with a gas canister bomb tied to his belt. [This is to illustrate the inability or unwillingness of police so solve bombings related to politics.]

The big word on the swoosh on the left side reads: Cabinet reshuffle
[Bhumjaithai Party de facto leader Newin Chidchob is jumping on the back of PM Abhisit. Overall this cartoon was commenting on the predicted turmoil that even a single resignation, like Suthep's, could have for the government coalition of divergent political parties. However, no instability occurred. Suthep was a key person in the government able to liaison with Bhumjaithai and out bluff Newin at every turn. It is still possible that his absence from government could make relations between party members rockier.]

Top right above the flashlight: The Surat Thani by election

Top right with the arrow pointing to Suthep: I resign from the Deputy Prime Minister post because I am the one who is fast for the spotlight
[This refers to Deputy PM Suthep Tuagsuban who resigned to run as a candidate for Surathani MP in the upcoming by-election. "Fast for the spotlight" means that he is ready to change his role or do whatever necessary for an important scene like an actor who is ready to change his role for the spotlight on stage or always be "ready for the limelight."]

Bottom right next to Sanan holding a wine glass: I am not Prime Minister, but I just move forward on farewell to this deputy prime minister post
[This refers to Sanan Kajornprasart's reaction to the resignation of Suthep and Sanan's obvious circling multiple political camps to attempt to maneuver himself into the prime minister post. He is a well-known lover of wine and has his own vineyards.]

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