Vertigo Pop: Bangkok

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Vertigo Pop: Bangkok - September 7, 2010
Vertigo Pop: Bangkok (2003) is four issue comic from DC's Vertigo imprint. Told from the point of view of a moody Western woman, it is a vision of Thailand from a thoroughly non-local perspective.
In this Bangkok, dark guys in green pin-striped suits function as the Western conception of a pimp, forcing girls to work against their will and openly beating them on the streets of Patpong.
Thai men speak a kind of Chinese pidgin English: "What you stand around for?" and "Out of way! Bangkok police!"
Bangkok Police seem eager to confront tourists and go on wild chases through the streets to aggressively confront foreigners over concocted infractions. When a river taxi sinks, the protagonist gets to stand by in righteous indignation as a policeman says "Too many people on boat. Happen all the time."

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