Do not get drunk yet brother

(Source: Khaosod, August 20, 2010)

From Khaosod, August 20, 2010
The words at top: Do not get drunk yet brother
The words above the glass: Card to reduce debt

[This refers to the government's recently launched project of granting loans to people in debt. The project includes a special card issued to debtors who can withdraw relief cash from ATMs. This is the card to reduce debt that the cartoon refers to. The joke of the cartoon is unclear to us. The scene is a normal one for many Thais who relax by drinking. Is the man at right in a crazed condition due to his debts?]

Nils suggests: Had to think about this for a while, but I think the meaning is as follows: Note that Abhisit is drawn as a (short-haired) woman or katoey. He offers the man (= the poor people of Thailand) his populist debt relief drug. Thus, being drunk (with the monetary benefits from this program), they don't realize Abhisit's (alleged) true nature. The warning in the headline ("Do not get drunk yet brother") refers to this.
As for the man's eyes, I am not sure - he could either be not drunk yet, suddenly realizing that the person he's been flirting with is actually not a woman, so it is an expression of shock. Or the artist simply tried to indicate the man is indeed already drunk from Abhisit's policies - but this would slightly conflict with the headline. Does this make sense?

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