Japanese Died Here

From Thai Rath, Cartoon by Zia, August 26, 2010
The caption at top reads: Japanese died here
The street sign in the background reads: Kok Wua Intersection
The event of laying flowers at the spot was recently conducted by a Japanese representative.
At bottom left the sign being held reads: Here people have died too.
The mouse says: Thai PM neither knows nor sees
The figure on the far right has a box on its head that reads: Neither know nor see
On the figure's robe it reads: Order to disperse the people

[This refers to the death of Japanese journalist Hiroyuki Muramoto who was photographing the nighttime dispersal of Red Shirts in April. It was around this time that it also became apparent that snipers--sympathetic to the Red Shirts and presumably under the command of Sae Daneg who bragged about his armed supporters--were armed and ready to back up the Red Shirts on the street. Col. Romklao, a known Red Shirt foe, was targeted and killed as well.]

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