The slave who is honestly loyal

From Thai Rath, Cartoon by Zia, August 18, 2010
The cartoon headline at top: The slave who is honestly loyal
The road sign reads: The intersection of putting blame for the dead and slandering the living
The letters on the man's coat--DSI--refers to the Department of Special Investigations. The DSI is a special law enforcement agency set up to enforce and prosecute a number of crimes, but in this case is being used to take action against Red Shirt agitators as the regular police were ineffective or unwilling to do so.
The paper on the ground reads: Responds to politicians
The tiny man at bottom right holds a sign that reads: Blood thirsty
At top right, a puppeteer's hand representing the Privy Council again insinuates that all of this is being overseen, if not planned, at very high levels. The words above the arrow read "Soi Dao Mountain" referring to claims of illegal land holdings of Privy Council members.

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