Newin’s Tears and Drool

From Manager, August 16, 2010
Top left: Tears coming out because of being begrudged by the pause in the 4,000 public bus project.
Bottom left: Drool is running because of the thought that the 2011 budget is going to be passed by the cabinet
At the bottom it reads: For Newin, the drool is anyhow more important than the tear.

[This refers to Newin Chidchob, a banned politician who nevertheless controls the Bhumjaithai Party. Editorial cartoonists always parody his protruding lower lip. Since betraying the Thaksin-controlled People Power Party and joining the government coalition, this grouping of politicians now known as Bhumjaithai has continually promoted a plan to supply NGV busses to the public. It has been thought that this project was at least one of the prices "paid" to Bhumjaithai for joining the government.
As these sorts of vehicle procurement projects are cash cows riddled with graft and the Democrats do not wish Bhumjaithai to gain any popularity from its implementation, barriers and delays have been put up to prevent the project from going through. This tactic plays off the understanding that Bhumjaithai cannot easily quit the government without triggering a coup and ruining Newin's chances of eventually being PM once his political ban ends.]

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