Art Deco Thailand – Preserve Them!

Art Deco Thailand - Preserve Them! - Facebook, August, 2010
Siriwat writes: I am a great fan of your site. I have been visiting it nearly everyday since i was sixteen, the days the most of the posts on your site were all about infrastructure such as skytrain and motorway.
Anyhow, I have recently set up a group on - 'Art Deco Thailand - Preserve Them' - I would suspect that many of your readers might also be interested in joining the group and contribute much to the preservations of there 'rare' buildings in Thailand. The styles, I presume, was popular when most of Thai people didn't have much, so only a few of them were build and nowadays forgotten. I do hope that they will not be lost forever since there are so many careless people with authority in this country. I would be so kind if you could post a link to the group from your website.

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